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Jen Lux is a visual artist in downtown Phoenix. Her work utilizes a variety of mediums and styles, subject matter often includes a figurative focus.


She has been drawing and painting since her childhood in Buffalo NY, studying with local artists in grammar school, even earning her first commission in fourth grade. Selected for study at the New York School of the Arts Visual Arts summer program in high school, she also received a scholarship from the Allentown Historical Society in Buffalo during college (which required a donation of her work to their permanent collection).


Additionally, Ms. Lux studied advanced Art History courses throughout high school and college and counts as influences the works of Hieronymous Bosch, Albrecht Dürer, Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Matthias Grünwald and William Blake, among others.

For much of her professional career, she worked as an Art Director and Illustrator in advertising firms and companies around the Valley. Additionally, she acted as Curator/Creative Director for the Sadisco* collective of artists, and at the Infinitas Gallery (formerly on Roosevelt Row).

Currently, she has turned her focus back to her first love — fine art projects such as painting, drawing, ink works and metal sculpture. Prints of some of her favorite pieces are being made available by request, please contact for more details.



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